I am thrilled to be able to express myself not only through music, but through fluid art as well. I have been enamored with acrylic pouring for a year now, and enjoy experimenting with new techniques, pouring mediums and color combinations. The beauty, magic and science of fluid dynamics is always intriguing. Every piece I create is unique and can't be replicated. If there's a piece in the gallery below you’d like to purchase, please contact me. Shipping costs are included for pieces shipped within the U.S. If outside the U.S., please contact me for pricing. Commissions are welcome.
Check out my page devoted to novel abstract fluid art clocks here.  
Redbubble creates various products using my designs. Wearable art, home décor, wall art and accessories are available at my Redbubble storefront.
- Jane Solose                           
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